Custom Stamped Curtains

It’s rare that I find a DIY project in a book I can actually carry out but this one is filled with great projects that actually seem do-able. Their DIY page on creating custom-stamped curtains inspired me to create ones to enhance my son’s Star Wars themed room.



Step 1:

Print out a design of your choice (in this case, a Storm Trooper)

Also shown is a blade you’ll need later ($1.99 at Home Depot in the paint section)


Step 2:

Trace your design onto a sheet of craft foam ($.99 at Michael’s)- choose a light colored foam sheet so your image will show through when tracing. I traced over a lamp which is a bit of a fire hazard so be careful. Michael’s carries tracing tablets but I’m on a tight budget.

Step 3:

Cut out the parts of the image you don’t want to ink (in this case, I cut out all the dark parts of the image)

It helps to place the foam on a piece of cardboard when cutting.

DSC_1175DSC_1176Step 4:

If you want your stamp to come out as a square, cut the foam into a square. If you want it to come out in a circle, cut it into a circle.

Step 5:

Glue your cut-out onto a piece of cardboard to create a stamp. I cut-off a piece of a cardboard box I happened to have in the house. You only need to glue the 4 corners of the foam piece. I used a glue gun.

Step 6:

Using a large foam brush, cover your stamp evenly with paint color of your choice (foam brushes are cheapest at Walmart- in the paint brush section)


Step 7:

Stamp away! I stamped my image onto black, cotton curtain panels bought from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Press down evenly, and voila!

May the force be with you.b0a1e516-16f3-48a9-9249-1d6193ba6c2b_zps421c4d5c


 List O’Tools:

-box cutter/exacto knife (Home Depot $1.99)

-sheet of craft foam (Michaels $.99)

-image of choice printed in black ink

-cardboard (2 sheets a bit larger than the size of your image)

-pen (to trace image onto craft foam)

-lamp (to trace your image)

-glue (to glue your cut-out onto one of the cardboard pieces)

-fabric on which you’ll stamp your image onto (curtains, pillow cases- whatever)


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