f9f83110-ae7b-48ba-8edb-435a2441cad0_zpsefe90483Call me twisted but there’s something about cemetary tombstones that intrigue me unlike any other art form. I think it’s the rawness of emotion that sculptors have been able to convey through their art. The Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris is full of amazingly sculpted statues showing emotions of loss and grief unlike any other I’ve seen. The details are lifelike to the point of being able to feel the pain of loss in your veins as you walk through.

In 2008, my brother lost his best friend to cancer. It was an ugly battle that left scars and questions for all of us who knew and loved him. Art, whether through music or paintings, has always been a cathartic way of working through emotional pain, so I turned to a photograph I took of this sculpture to work through what I was feeling.

(Loss, 2008, charcoal and acrylic on canvas, 26inx48in)


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