Custom Stamped Curtains

It’s rare that I find a DIY project in a book I can actually carry out but this one is filled with great projects that actually seem do-able. Their DIY page on creating custom-stamped curtains inspired me to create ones to enhance my son’s Star Wars themed room.



Step 1:

Print out a design of your choice (in this case, a Storm Trooper)

Also shown is a blade you’ll need later ($1.99 at Home Depot in the paint section)

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Mi Armoir


My lovely mother-in-law gave me this armoir for our guest room. The “before” picture was a nothing-special, oak piece with plane jane knobs, but I had bigger and better plans for it (kicking myself for not taking pics).

I painted it aqua to match accent wallpaper covering two walls in the room (Lowes did a color match by scanning a piece of the wallpaper- how cool), replaced the plane janes with ceramic rabbit knobs I found on clearance at Anthroplogie, and voila. Here’s a look of what lives inside…



(the bunny knobs that replaced the original ones):


My mom bought me this snow globe months before the Twin Towers were hit- you can see them in the right hand corner of the globe. One morning while rushing to get to work, I knocked it off the shelf and shattered it. To my surprise, there are people out there who specialize in snow globe repair. So off it went, and after paying triple what she originally bought it for, it was back together again.



Handwritten recipes from my grandmother:


Love this quote I found in an “Interview” magazine a while ago:


My jewelry box from when I was around 9 (the little twirling ballerina that goes inside is MIA):


Another snow globe- broken- this one, by my son (going to leave it that way as a sweet reminder of his young age):


A bunny dish (from Anthropologie)- also seen in the movie “Looper” (cool flick):


A bunny nightlight and bunny perfume bottle:


Canvas art by my 2 year old:


Bunny stamp my son is obsessed with:



A few special bunnies from a few special people:




Pennies From Heaven



 I love the innocence of children and their ability to find happiness in the simplest of things. Knowing that sadly, this changes once early childhood years are over, I wish I could bottle it up and save it forever. My son gets so excited whenever he finds a penny on the ground- it’s a contagious type of excitement and happiness. Kids are wonderful that way. They can instantly bring you up to their level of appreciation of the most basic things- things we take for granted as adults. I wanted to do something special with some of the pennies he’s found over the past few months, so I decided to incorporate them into a homemade bench we had in our backyard where he likes to play. I covered 2 slabs of wood (held together by 4 screws) with about $10 worth of pennies (some he had found, but most from the bank) and poured a resin coating on them. After 3 days, it was waterproof and ready (he managed to make his mark by sticking a penny on top of the resin while everything was still settling). Why “Lucky”? Because they are lucky pennies, after all; but also cause it’s sort of a tribute to my little reminder of what happiness is.

fae0792f-23ff-4dcb-aff7-cf88f9f63bb5_zpsf691393dEvery time it rains
It rains
Pennies from heaven
Don’t you know
Each cloud contains
Pennies from heaven

You’ll find your fortune fallin’
All over town
Be sure that your umbrella
Is upside down

Trade them for a package of
Sunshine and flowers
If you want the things you love
You must have showers
So when you hear it thunder
Don’t run under a tree
There’ll be pennies from heaven
For you and me

McKenzie Who?


This wicked-ugly table


needed something other than a bulky tablecloth to make it presentable in our kitchen. With black and white stripe cushions on our wicked-ugly, beat up chairs, I figured painting black & white stripes on the table would be a good fit.

Dummy move: painting the black stripes on, THEN painting the white stripes in between

How it should’ve been done: paint the entire table one color (white) and THEN paint on stripes of another color (black).

This will take half the time and have you cursing only half as much.


Below, I painted the black stripes on (over the painters tape).

Next came painting on white stripes by taping over the black ones once dried.


Finished Product (see our freshly painted pink chairs?):



Other little things that make me happy…

Regina Spektor reminding me how it works:


Rotary phone I bought at Under the Pig,  Antiques & Collectibles (with a 212 area code! yeah baby)


Retro straws and straw container I found at Homegoods:


and a little striped hook from Anthropologie:


I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags


Usually when I read about great finds at thrift shops, I think “yea right”. Very few times, like, none, have I been able to find great pieces and/or deals. But now it’s my turn- I found this beauty for SEVEN DOLLARS at a local thrift shop. Best $7 I’ve spent yet.DSC_0039

But she needed a bit of a makeover. I started by recovering the seat cushion which was easy to do by unscrewing the bottom with a drill. The right fabric was hard to find, as it had to match with the decor in our guest room. After a few weeks of just sitting around, the idea to use a bunny napkin I purchased from Williams Sonoma came to mind. Once the seat was recovered, the color choice came pretty easily. I had a tube of “Grass Green” acrylic paint sitting in my cabinet along with some gold to refinish the wheel covers. Grass Green + Bunnies= Heaven!

Here she is after her makeover: