New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

 Once upon a time, I wanted to be a photographer (“picture that, how many years old, young enough to mix up love with career goals“).

Every year, I’d visit family in New York and would yearn for my next photo shoot of my favorite city. These are some of the photos I took, most of which I developed the old-fashioned way, by hand, from negative to print, in my most favorite place of my teenage world- the darkroom.


   Taken in Brooklyn- reminds me of  “Once Upon A Time In America”:


Twin Towers from the Empire State Bldg (I think):

bf4e2179-6b59-4017-84b2-0ed135359b11_zpsd31c3595 Continue reading

The Waitress



Creating artwork using the New York Subway Map was something I’d always wanted to do. Figuring out just what to do with it was never easy, until the other day-I had a piece of spare wood laying around that was going to be trash til’ the thought of a skyline came to mind. I owe that thought to a song by Atmosphere, The Waitress– one of my favorites by the Minnesota-based hip-hop group. I was originally going to use the first line in their song as the foreground of this piece but decided it looked better without any writing.

Starting with snapshots taken of one of the maps I’d saved from years ago, I edited each photo to black and white sections of places in the city that meant something to me, printed and cut them to form a skyline and glued and sealed them to the painted slab of wood. Now I have a piece that reminds me of all the special stops in New York I’ve taken. And a creation birthed from one of my favorite songs.