Mi Armoir


My lovely mother-in-law gave me this armoir for our guest room. The “before” picture was a nothing-special, oak piece with plane jane knobs, but I had bigger and better plans for it (kicking myself for not taking pics).

I painted it aqua to match accent wallpaper covering two walls in the room (Lowes did a color match by scanning a piece of the wallpaper- how cool), replaced the plane janes with ceramic rabbit knobs I found on clearance at Anthroplogie, and voila. Here’s a look of what lives inside…



(the bunny knobs that replaced the original ones):


My mom bought me this snow globe months before the Twin Towers were hit- you can see them in the right hand corner of the globe. One morning while rushing to get to work, I knocked it off the shelf and shattered it. To my surprise, there are people out there who specialize in snow globe repair. So off it went, and after paying triple what she originally bought it for, it was back together again.



Handwritten recipes from my grandmother:


Love this quote I found in an “Interview” magazine a while ago:


My jewelry box from when I was around 9 (the little twirling ballerina that goes inside is MIA):


Another snow globe- broken- this one, by my son (going to leave it that way as a sweet reminder of his young age):


A bunny dish (from Anthropologie)- also seen in the movie “Looper” (cool flick):


A bunny nightlight and bunny perfume bottle:


Canvas art by my 2 year old:


Bunny stamp my son is obsessed with:



A few special bunnies from a few special people:




The Funky Rabbit

b4ab1c7f-f771-44b3-8dd2-c839b7c8ebb5_zps6fa0d6f7 Meet my beloved Jazzy. She’s been with us for almost 8 years (yes, eight years. yes, rabbits can live past 2  if cared for properly and no, I do not cage her- do you cage your children?)

In 2010, my daughter from another mother became ill from a wicked parasite which left her head permanently tilted. The prognosis was poor, but she pulled through with 24-7 TLC and lots of dinero.

Moral of the story is, before you bring a rabbit into your home, ask yourself if you’re willing to love and care for him/her like a child, as you would a dog or cat. If he/she gets ill, are you able to do what it will take to nurse them back to health? Can you afford to buy the right products they need (healthy food and hay vs. the cheap crap that will kill them)? Cause it gets expensive.
And, can you make a home for them in your home? Not in one of those cages they sell at Pet Supermarket along with the yogurt bites and food full of colorful, poisonous pieces that will clog their intestines.

Bunnies were born to hop- Let em!

In my opinion, no one under the age of 25 should have a bunny as a companion unless they’re super knowledgeable on what it takes. I’ve loved rabbits all my life but didn’t become aware of how to be a good bunny-mom til I was about that age (maybe I’m a little slow).

(Jazzy, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 36inx36in)





The Catalyst


Funny how one thing leads to another. When I first saw this wallpaper online at Anthropologie, I knew it had to be mine. Just didn’t know where in our humble abode it was going to go.

I found out I was pregnant with baby number two. In a three-bedroom home, one being our 1 1/2 year old son’s, one our master, and one my husband’s wanna-be-man-cave, the only solution was to convert the cluttered garage into a REAL man cave and turn the wanna-be into something we would actually need with a second kid in our near future. Great- I now had a room DSC_0476for THE most perfect wallpaper ever.

A few weeks later, I miscarried. But our visual plans on redesigning our home were too good to give up and served as a bit of a distraction from our recent loss.
Up went the paper, and to follow came some neat artsy fartsy transformations.