Custom Stamped Curtains

It’s rare that I find a DIY project in a book I can actually carry out but this one is filled with great projects that actually seem do-able. Their DIY page on creating custom-stamped curtains inspired me to create ones to enhance my son’s Star Wars themed room.



Step 1:

Print out a design of your choice (in this case, a Storm Trooper)

Also shown is a blade you’ll need later ($1.99 at Home Depot in the paint section)

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We Call it Star Wars



“I’m Your Father”

I didn’t expect our son to grow up this quickly, but at just over 2, he’s developed a love for Vader, Yoda and R2-D2. Guess some things really do pass on in your DNA cause his father is a lifelong fan. Here’s a recent painting of Darth Vader I made for his room- and of course, one of Jedi Master Yoda who is coated with a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint. My original idea didn’t include him- I only wanted the quote on canvas serving as a double meaning (pertaining to my boy and the little green one) but my husband thought it’d be better to include him. I can’t take full credit, though, because I used a tracing projector to draw him. It might dull an artists’ skill if overused but just between you and I, once in a while, it’s ok to cheat a little.