New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

 Once upon a time, I wanted to be a photographer (“picture that, how many years old, young enough to mix up love with career goals“).

Every year, I’d visit family in New York and would yearn for my next photo shoot of my favorite city. These are some of the photos I took, most of which I developed the old-fashioned way, by hand, from negative to print, in my most favorite place of my teenage world- the darkroom.


   Taken in Brooklyn- reminds me of  “Once Upon A Time In America”:


Twin Towers from the Empire State Bldg (I think):

bf4e2179-6b59-4017-84b2-0ed135359b11_zpsd31c3595 Continue reading

McKenzie Who?


This wicked-ugly table


needed something other than a bulky tablecloth to make it presentable in our kitchen. With black and white stripe cushions on our wicked-ugly, beat up chairs, I figured painting black & white stripes on the table would be a good fit.

Dummy move: painting the black stripes on, THEN painting the white stripes in between

How it should’ve been done: paint the entire table one color (white) and THEN paint on stripes of another color (black).

This will take half the time and have you cursing only half as much.


Below, I painted the black stripes on (over the painters tape).

Next came painting on white stripes by taping over the black ones once dried.


Finished Product (see our freshly painted pink chairs?):



Other little things that make me happy…

Regina Spektor reminding me how it works:


Rotary phone I bought at Under the Pig,  Antiques & Collectibles (with a 212 area code! yeah baby)


Retro straws and straw container I found at Homegoods:


and a little striped hook from Anthropologie: